What to know about carpet

When you choose carpet flooring, you should know that you have access to extensive visual, performance, and lifespan options. That means you can easily cater to specific needs by purposefully matching products with your requirements and preferences. Choosing a carpet that works for you and those you serve can determine ongoing sales and business.

Visual benefits of carpet

Now, more than ever, you’ll easily find the perfect visuals for décor matching, with fibers, colors, designs, and patterns that fit any need. In addition, this product line has extensive appearance options, from neutrals to bold designs to the trendiest features in carpet, created to stay current for years. The more you know about what’s available, the better products you can choose for any project or remodel.

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Durable benefits of carpet

There are plenty of options to ensure your carpeting doesn't become permanently stained, dingy, or worn, even in areas of high traffic. Ask about carpet that offers built-in stain and odor resistance, with products that provide pet-specific warranties. These floors not only look better longer, but they also offer a longer lifespan, saving money over time.

Extended benefits of carpet

As always, nose reduction is a fantastic benefit of carpet, which works incredibly well in children's rooms, living rooms, and hallways. Carpeting upstairs bedrooms and playrooms can also serve you well for a peaceful, comfortable experience throughout the day. If you're flooring a multi-family unit, this floor covering is a perfect choice for obvious reasons. Remember that hypoallergenic fibers are also an option. These specialized fibers trap and hold allergens like pollen, dust, and dander, so they aren’t flying through the air. Once the floors are vacuumed, the allergy threat is removed forever.
Luxury carpet in Hayward, CA from CK Floors

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